Star Kid

“Pike’s themes are harmonic, pleasing and appropriate in every sense… offering several cues that could stand well in concert performances.”


The Shining

“Nick Pike’s music is some of the best. It adds to the spooky ambience of the Overlook Hotel as it comes slithering out of your stereo speakers. At least don’t say you weren’t warned…”

—Stephen King


“Nicholas Pike hears the stuff that nightmares are made of… yet always balancing the most wildly experimental stuff, even as its detuned, wheezing tendrils bio-mechanically invade the music of Gustav Holst, is the emotional reality of a poignant piano, strings and a haunting chorus to paint a surprisingly poetic picture of good versus overwhelming evil.”

—Daniel Schweiger


“A score whose nerve-jangling creepiness stands as a piker when it comes to the truly outré madness unleashed here.”

—Daniel Schweiger

Return To Me

“…does a wonderful job with keeping the film’s feelings intertwined – Nicholas Pike is a master!”

—Neil T Daniels